Why is having HIGH BP worrisome for your HEART ? Well here’s the WHY & HOW of it :

Blood Pressure (BP) is the pressure at which our Blood Flows in our Arteries i.e. the Blood Vessels that carry your Blood from our Heart to other Parts of our Body.

Certain amount of Pressure is Needed for the Blood to Flow through our Body & Back to our Heart.

Our Blood Flows OUT of our Heart at a Different Pressure than the Pressure at which it FILLS-BACK into our Heart :

  • As our Heart Ventricles (lower chambers) Contract to PUSH-out the Blood, the Pressure at which this Blood flows-out is known as SYSTOLIC – Normal is around 120 mm Hg.
  • As our Heart Ventricles Relax to REFILL with Blood, the Pressure at which this Blood flows-in is known as DIASTOLIC – Normal is around 80 mm Hg.

When these Pressures cross their Normal levels on a constant basis, the person is said to have High Blood Pressure (HBP) or Hypertension.

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 HIGH BP places Higher workload on their Arteries (Blood Vessels), which can:

  • Speed-up the Hardening Process of the Arteries by making them to Lose their Elasticity from an Early Age.
  • Damage the Inner lining of Arteries that gradually turns into a Scar Tissue.
  • Cause Plaque Build-up inside the Arteries by Accumulation of materials circulating in Blood (Cholesterol, Platelets & Fats) in & near the Scar Tissue.
  • Slowly Narrow-down & Harden the Arteries by the Plaque Build-up inside the Arteries.
  • Put Extra Work on the Heart Ventricles (Lower Chambers) which makes their Walls to gradually Thicken & become Less Flexible.

These can Cause Fatal Heart & Artery-related Problems like Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Peripheral Artery Disease, Brain Stroke, etc.

So remember,

Healthy Blood Pressure Levels help to Keep your HEART HEALTHY!