18 July 2017_HH - BLOG

Let us see how they are different, but still interlinked with an EXAMPLE of a hypothetical person “Amrish” – a 40 year old executive & I AM HIS HEART.

He spends the best part of his Life locked up in his Air conditioned glass office. The full length glass windows are specially there for the View outside, which he has no time to see! Because he is a part of today’s CORPRATE CULTURE…

And that is why MY LIFE is a NIGHTMARE!

Amrish’s FAST food is always just an app away! It reaches within minutes, whether he has it at work or at home. Well, his wife is also a part of the CORPORATE WORLD you see, so many times it happens that she has No Time to Cook. Oh yes! He does Exercise, sometimes. He is always High on Stress & often doesn’t have Sound Sleep. Also, often enjoys Night-time Snacks and Desserts too!

Can you imagine what a mess I am in, in this scenario? I hear the siren of the Cardiac Ambulance announcing the arrival of new patients at the Corporate Hospital nearby. And every time that happens, a shiver rushes through my Chambers, wondering when I will be the VICTIM landing up in this Corporate Hospital.


The slow poisons that Amrish has been pushing into his System – frequent Junk Food intake, High Stress, Desk Job, Sedentary Lifestyle, Lack of enough Exercise – these all take a toll of my Coronary Arteries.

Deposits rich in oily lipids, cholesterol and other sticky glucose containing compounds (because he is a Diabetic too), build up in the inside of the walls of my Arteries waiting for a trigger to start a CYCLONE called a HEART ATTACK!

This happens when these deposits Block the Coronary Arteries or their branches partially or Completely, due to which sufficient Blood & Nutrition are unable to reach certain part of me (heart).

When this happens, Amrish may have severe Chest Pain, Sweating, Discomfort. Or he may even have Nausea and Pain in his Stomach which he mistakes for Acidity or Indigestion. He may have Pain in his Lower Jaw, which he mistakes as Tooth problem. He may even become pale and lose consciousness. And quite often, he may just DROP DOWN DEAD with a CARDIAC ARREST – Now what’s this ?? – READ BELOW..


My ELECTRICAL WIRING System also requires Energy Input (enough Blood & Nutrient supply) from the Coronary Arteries to work properly. With this Energy, it supplies an electric current to my Pumps and so they function. If there is BLOCKAGE in the Arteries of this Wiring, my Pumps do not work properly or they may even STOP functioning. Due to which Blood stops circulating properly through Amrish’s Body. He becomes pulseless and becomes unconscious. He may even die if he does not get medical help through immediate CPR and early “DEFIBRILLATION” (shock) to me so that my Electrical System can start functioning again properly, or at least enough to be able to Pump Blood.


This can happen to me in different ways.

It may so happen that Amrish survived a severe Heart Attack, but it caused damage to one of my chambers. (They are 4-the right & left atrium and left & right ventricle.) This damage gradually makes the pumping function of the particular chamber weak. And finally, its pumping activity becomes ineffective. It cannot pump out all Blood due to which some Blood may stay collected in the chamber. This can cause swelling in the feet or coughing with breathlessness, depending on which chamber is affected.

My chamber function may also get compromised when the valves that regulate the entry and exit of blood through each of my 4 chambers are diseased. Again the result is a weak pumping of Blood and its ineffective circulation. This condition is called HEART FAILURE.

When this happens, Amrish will have to gradually give up his activities as I have reached the point of no return. My spare parts are very often damaged beyond repair. But I can see him through a ripe old age if your physician peps me up with a variety of Medications.

So friends, take a stock of your HEART HEALTH status right away!

Do not get caught unaware with a HEART ATTACK, CARDIAC ARREST or a HEART FAILURE.

(Disclaimer: This information is Not intended as Medical Advice. Please see Consult your Doctor for your Health issues.)


Why is having HIGH BP worrisome for your HEART ? Well here’s the WHY & HOW of it :

Blood Pressure (BP) is the pressure at which our Blood Flows in our Arteries i.e. the Blood Vessels that carry your Blood from our Heart to other Parts of our Body.

Certain amount of Pressure is Needed for the Blood to Flow through our Body & Back to our Heart.

Our Blood Flows OUT of our Heart at a Different Pressure than the Pressure at which it FILLS-BACK into our Heart :

  • As our Heart Ventricles (lower chambers) Contract to PUSH-out the Blood, the Pressure at which this Blood flows-out is known as SYSTOLIC – Normal is around 120 mm Hg.
  • As our Heart Ventricles Relax to REFILL with Blood, the Pressure at which this Blood flows-in is known as DIASTOLIC – Normal is around 80 mm Hg.

When these Pressures cross their Normal levels on a constant basis, the person is said to have High Blood Pressure (HBP) or Hypertension.

HH-1st July Blog

 HIGH BP places Higher workload on their Arteries (Blood Vessels), which can:

  • Speed-up the Hardening Process of the Arteries by making them to Lose their Elasticity from an Early Age.
  • Damage the Inner lining of Arteries that gradually turns into a Scar Tissue.
  • Cause Plaque Build-up inside the Arteries by Accumulation of materials circulating in Blood (Cholesterol, Platelets & Fats) in & near the Scar Tissue.
  • Slowly Narrow-down & Harden the Arteries by the Plaque Build-up inside the Arteries.
  • Put Extra Work on the Heart Ventricles (Lower Chambers) which makes their Walls to gradually Thicken & become Less Flexible.

These can Cause Fatal Heart & Artery-related Problems like Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Peripheral Artery Disease, Brain Stroke, etc.

So remember,

Healthy Blood Pressure Levels help to Keep your HEART HEALTHY!