Are You at a RISK of developing HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (HBP) ?

HH- 6th July noteA certain amount of Pressure is needed for the Blood to Flow through our Body to all Body Organs & then Flow back to our Heart.

As explained in my previous Blog , the Pressure at which the Blood flows out of Heart to other Body Organs is Higher than the Pressure at which the Blood flows back to Heart.

The problem exists when these Pressures cross their Normal Levels on a constant basis – such a person is said to have High Blood Pressure (BP) or Hypertension.

There are various FACTORS that can Increase your RISK of Developing High BP or Hypertension, such as :

  • Being Overweight/Obese
  • Not Exercising enough
  • Having a Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Eating too much of High-fat & High-cholesterol Foods
  • Having Excessive Salt in your Diet
  • Habituated to Smoking or Exposed to Second-hand Smoke
  • Regularly Drinking too much Alcohol
  • Caused by a pre-existing Health problem like Structural Abnormality of the Aorta, Narrowed Heart Arteries, Kidney Abnormality, Sleep Apnea, etc.
  • Having Excessive/Continuous Stress
  • Having Family History of High BP
  • Ageing

These Factors, together with High BP, further Increase your Risk for HEART ATTACK, HEART DISEASE & STROKE.

So, now the question arises ‘How can we know if have High BP’?

Well, High BP is often known as a ‘Silent Killer’ because its Signs & Symptoms are NOT evidently visible i.e. something that you can Feel or Notice.

It is very much possible in case of some people that though their BP has reached Dangerously High Levels, they still have NO Signs or Symptoms.

A few people may have below Symptoms when their BP shoots up :

  • Headaches,
  • Shortness of Breath,
  • Dizziness or Nosebleeds

But since these Symptoms aren’t specific only to High BP, there are Chances they are Ignored or taken Lightly.

Hence, it is wise to have Your Blood Pressure Measured periodically :

  • At least TWICE a Year in Normal circumstances.
  • Once every Month if You HAVE High BP or fall under any of the Risk Factors for High BP (mentioned above).

CONSULT Your Doctor IMMEDIATELY if You have any of the Symptoms of High BP (mentioned above).



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