Recognise Heart Attack “Warning Signs” as early as possible.. It can SAVE A LIFE !

Today, due to the Unhealthy Lifestyle, people are becoming highly vulnerable to Heart Attack.

  • 4 people die of Heart Attack every Minute in India & the age group is mainly between 30 & 50 years.
  • 25 % of Heart Attack Deaths occur in people less than 40 years of age.

This makes it highly IMPORTANT to Recognise the WARNING SIGNS of Heart Attack. can help to go for Right Treatment in the GOLDEN HOUR i.e. 60 minutes from the start of a HEART ATTACK, which can Prevent Permanent Heart Damage & also SAVE A LIFE :

03 June 2017_HH-blog

Below are the Warning Signs of a HEART ATTACK :

  • Discomfort/Heaviness in the front of the chest which may or may not subside with rest. (If it does not subside the danger is high.)
  • Pain that gets referred to the arm, hand or jaw. Sometimes even a toothache or throat pain may follow an attack.
  • Acidity or stomach discomfort that increases with exertion and does not subside with soda or antacids.
  • Breathlessness while walking and talking. Especially seen in diabetics and the elderly.
  • Unexplained “black outs”, light-headedness or dizziness (with or without Nausea)
  • Heavy sweating (even in cold)

These signs are a “Red Signal”, that should not be Ignored.

It’s Better to be SAFE than Sorry !

Always remember: Awareness and presence of mind are the “Wise Man’s” tools that spell LUCK & can also SAVE A LIFE !


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